Looking for summer camp opportunities?

The Confucius Institute at the University of Utah is organizing a summer camp for Mandarin immersion students. They hope to stage it at three locations in Bountiful, Sandy and the U.’s SLC campus.

But other details are scarce because they’re in the beginning planning stages. They are seeking parent input, however.

Should it be an all-day or half-day camp that runs for a week or two weeks. Or should it run all summer long? Will parents commit to dropping off and picking up their kids? How much are they willing to spend – the more parents who sign up, the cheaper it will be, according to the Institute.

Share your comments here, or email me, and I’ll pass them along: kirstendstewart@gmail.com


1 thought on “Looking for summer camp opportunities?

  1. marie

    I would commit to picking up and dropping off. we live in southern utah, but if they made it worth our while we would love to come, I would say around under $100.


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