Mandarin immersion schools: Where we stand in 2013

Immersion guru Elizabeth Weiss with an updated tally of Mandarin schools nationwide.

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council


[April 9 update: Wyoming will be getting its first Mandarin immersion program in 2013-2014, at Paradise Valley Elementary School.]

As educators from across the nation meet in Boston at the National Chinese Language Conference this weekend it seemed a good time to look at the current landscape of Mandarin immersion schools in the United States.

I keep a spreadsheet of all the programs I’m aware of on the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council blog, which I update whenever someone emails me with a new school or program. I posted numbers early in the school year and afterwards got several updates and corrections, which are now incorporated into the list.

This week I’ve been crunching numbers and here’s where we seem to be as of April 2013. The numbers I’m working from include schools that are currently open and seven which are scheduled to open in the 2013-2014 school year. There…

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