Brush up on your Mandarin

Some people can do yoga or P90X at home. Others need the motivation that only a gym class can provide.

Guess I’m among the latter, since I’ve only once used the self-directed Rosetta subscription I purchased.

So for those of us in need of a little face-to-face instruction – and peer pressure – here’s a list of adult Mandarin courses offered at various school districts. They typically run $65 to $85 for 9-12 hours of instruction. Thanks to Sarah Erwin for compiling this.

Know of other courses not listed here? Please share!

Canyons District:
Canyon’s School District Community Education
Class held at Indian Hills Middle School.  Two levels of Mandarin instruction.

Davis District:
Davis School District  
Classes held at Layton High School.  Chinese for beginners.

Granite District:
Granite Peaks Lifelong Learning  
Classes held at Cottonwood High School in conjunction with The Confucius Institute.  Four levels of Mandarin Instruction.

Washington County:
Dixie State College Community Education
Classes held at Dixie State College. Speaking & writing for beginners.  

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