Host a foreign exchange student

From council Representative Wendy Hadden:

We are looking for great families to host some excited Chinese students coming toUtah this summer. This is a really fun experience and your family will have the opportunity to build a special relationship with your student.
Dates: July 8- July 23
Compensation: $100
Ages: 13-15

Compass provides opportunities for the student to see and experience Utah, like a trip to Salt Lake, City Creek, and the University of Utah. We will be doing other activities like the Legacy Center, Wines Park, and the outlet mall. There are two more activities that have yet to be decided. Families are invited to every activity we do, and if the host children are old enough, they may attend with out a parent.

Only 4 Family responsibilities:
Families are responsible for providing a bed for the student. Their own room is definately not necessary, and in fact, we do not encourage that. We find that the student interacts more when they have to share a bedroom. They may only share a bedroom with a child of the same sex.
Families are responsible for providing food for the student. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be made available. This does not mean that mom must cook every meal, just that the student has access to food 3 times a day. A packed lunch is sent with the student on days when the student has a Compass activity.

Families are expected to treat their student like a member of their family. These students are so excited to come to Utah and will blend in with your family if given the opportunity in a warm loving home!
Families need to get their student to the activities Compass is providing. The meeting place will either be RA or the Front Runner station behind Thanksgiving Point.

Students come with their own insurance and spending money.
If you would like to experience the Chinese language and culture in your own home and have a fun time doing it, then hosting a Chinese student is the thing for you! 

Teresa Freeman

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