New Chinese summer camp

Here’s another opportunity to keep your kids’ skills fresh over the summer.

This half-day summer camp just so happens to be run by one of our council reps – AnnElise Xiao, the parent who started Chinese Corner!

Week-long sessions are held at the Dimple Dell Recreation and Fitness Center. Each week will have a theme. For example: One week we will talk about Animals and body parts M-Th. Then on Friday we will go visit the Zoo. The next week we will talk about food and on Friday visit a Chinese restaurant. The camp would start at 9 a.m. and run until noon. A sample day would look something like this:

9:00 Arrival/introductions/ self-start activity
9:15 group activity/ sing songs/ vocab review
9:45 lesson on new words and grammar.
10:30 snack & outside Activity
11:00 pair practice activity/ story time
11:30 cultural activity – Game or craft
12:00 clean-up/ go home

See “chinese summer school” link below for more information.

*Although I am listed as an instructor, the class will be taught by Linda Sun, a native speaker and trained elementary school teacher.


chinese summer school

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