New to UMIPC? Here’s what you’ve missed

We have many new “followers,” so I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of recent, popular posts.

I encourage you to spend some time exploring this web site. Click on the header, “Contact Us” to see if there’s a council representative at your school. Contact that person and ask how you can get involved. If you find no one listed, contact a regional VP and volunteer your name.

This is meant to be an interactive forum. If you know of a cool cultural event, learning web site or app, please share!

Keep your kids’ skills fresh over the summer
Compiled by several council representatives, our resources page includes a link to interactive flash cards paired to Utah’s curriculum. Think of it as a grade-by-grade list of Mandarin words your kids should know.

STARTALK Summer Camp
Thanks to the amazing efforts of Sandy Talbot at the Utah State Office of Education, Utah students have had the chance this summer to participate in a free Chinese reading camp. Funded by a grant, it’s the largest STARTALK program in the country. If you missed it, don’t worry. An online version of the camp will launch on July 1.

UVU’s Chinese Summer Days
An immersion-style two-day camp where kids are encouragd to speak only Chinese. Parents may also participate – and it’s free.

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