Free November training for Utah Chinese teachers

Chinese Teachers and Administrators, 汉语教师和学区领导人,

The Confucius Institute will be holding another free teacher training.  The topic will be “Making Yourself Understood in the Target Language (Chinese).”  The training will be followed by FREE LUNCH from Sweet Ginger. 犹他大学孔子学院要再举办汉语教师的培训。培训的话题是:“如何让学生理解老师讲的目标语言(汉语)。” 培训完之后神厨有富会提供免费午饭。

YOU NEED TO RSVP IN ORDER TO ATTEND, please email:  and state your name and what school you teach at.
为了出席本培训请您回复 邮件里请包括姓名和学校。

Making Yourself Understood in the Target Language 如何让学生理解老师用的目标语言

When:  Saturday, November 2nd, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: 6952 Hightech Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84047
(Directly North of Sweet Ginger-神厨有富 Chinese Restaurant)
FREE LUNCH is provided from Sweet Ginger 神厨有富 at 12:00 PM

This training will primarily feature videos of experienced teachers in the classroom.  We will be discussing what these teachers do to make themselves understood while speaking 100% (or close to it) in Chinese –otherwise known as “Comprehensible Input”. In addition to videos, we will also discuss how to set up your classroom and procedures to make it possible for speaking all in Chinese.  If you currently do not believe it is possible to speak all in the target language while teaching, this workshop will help you see how it is possible.  Also, if you currently are around 50% to 60% speaking in the target language and want to learn how to increase closer to 90% or 100% this will be very beneficial for you.  本次培训将主要采用经验丰富的教师在课堂上的视频。我们将讨论这些老师做什么让学生可理解他们说的100%汉语(或接近)。这也称为“可理解输入”。除视频外,我们也将讨论如何设置你的课堂和流程使你能讲100%的汉语。如果你不相信上课时你能用100%的汉语,本次研讨会将帮你理解别的老师是怎么做到的。此外,如果你目前约50%至60%用汉语上课,要学习如何增加到90%或100%,培训该对你有利。

*This training will be mostly applicable to secondary teachers and new elementary Immersion teachers.  本次培训最适合中学(初中,高中)老师和新聘请的小学沉浸式老师。

About the Location (Important for Teachers who teach a long distance from Salt Lake City)

This location is not at the University of Utah. It is located on the road directly EAST of Sweet Ginger神厨有富 Chinese Restaurant (I know many Chinese teachers know where that is!)  It is in a business building with plenty of parking.
We are experimenting with holding our trainings in a film studio so we can film the trainings and provide access to teachers outside of the Wasatch Front (this means St. George teachers, Cache Valley teachers, Wasatch Academy, Possibly Nebo and Ogden teachers as well.)  For these teachers the training will be broadcast online and they can email in questions to be answered during the training.

You will also receive 6 relicensure points for attending.

Thank you, and feel free to email me with any questions.

Eric Chipman 麦旭丰
University of Utah Confucius Institute
Office Administrator & Chinese Immersion Teacher
Office: 801-585-0988
Cell: 801-879-1176

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