Looking for Chinese summer camps in Utah County?  

Nathan Abbott (aka “Mr. Ou”), the fabulous first grade teacher at Cascade Elementary, will be sponsoring Chinese summer camps via his Lotus Academy and also adult learning opportunities. The website with more information is http://mylotusacademy.yolasite.com.

Amanda Conklin (“Su Ma ma”) has been doing a really great book club for students at Wasatch Elementary. She will be doing summer day camps, story times and book clubs. For more information, email amandasuconklin@yahoo.com.

A new startup company called Cube Incubators (https://cubeincubators.com/passport/#passport) is sponsoring learning opportunities starting at the end of June. Their program welcomes your children to come to their learning center and connect with children in China via interactive online games.

The Confucius Institute is also going to sponsor a summer camp that (from what I hear) will be somewhat similar to StarTalk has been in the past. Includes language instruction and other activities. Registration for the UVU sessions has not opened yet, but you can see information here: https://continue.utah.edu/youth/chinese_immersion_camp.

An organization called “Global Partners in Education” is bringing about 40 elementary school students from China to America during July 21-31. They will meet daily at Cascade Elementary and receive instruction (in English) on science and mathematics topics. The class will be open to all English-speaking students and there will be different sessions available (9-12 or 1-4, each costing $120). Mary Ann O’Brien at maryannobrien@yahoo.com could answer registration questions.

If you hear of other organized summer camps, please let me know and I will post them on our website (https://utahimmersioncouncil.org/).


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