A parent report from the National Chinese Language Conference in L.A.

Some great content from the dedicated immersion group in San Francisco.

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council

Natasha Heller, a parent at Broadway Elementary in Venice, Calif., attended the National Chinese Language Conference in Los Angeles May 9 – 10, 2014, and sends these notes. Kudos for making this available to parents nationally.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.44.23 AM

Plenary Sessions

The morning at NCLC began with a discussion of California’s special role in Sino-American relations. David Pierson of the Los Angeles Times moderated. K. Y. Cheng of East West Bank talked about California’s long “very pivotal role” in relations between the two countries; Qingyun Ma, Dean of the School of Architecture at USC described California as a “double frontier” poised between America and the Pacific Rim.

Del Christensen (Bay Area Council) pointed to business and education as important ways of building bridges.

Peter Shiao (Orb Media Group) discussed Hollywood’s role in cross-cultural communication, and the importance of positive images for Chinese-Americans. He also noted that in part because of global media, the average Chinese…

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