Wanted: Utah families to host dinner for Chinese teachers

Next year’s crop of Mandarin teachers arrives from China this week. As part of their orientation, the University of Utah’s Confucius Institute takes them on a tour of Salt Lake – our tourist attractions and cultural sites.
Last year, parents helped out by having two to three teachers over for Sunday dinner.
It was a big hit because it gave teachers a chance to experience our culture – talk to the kids and learn about their hobbies and interests, enjoy some home-cooked food and ask questions about our world.
If you’re interested in volunteering this year – 5 p.m. Sunday Aug 3 – reply to Eric Chipman ASAP.
Eric Chipman 麦旭丰
     Associate Director & K-12 Specialist
     University of Utah Confucius Institute
       Office: 801-585-0988
       Cell: 801-879-1176

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