More summer learning opportunities for your kids

(Photo courtesy of the Provo Herald, which featured Su Mama’s storytelling club and camp).
Utahns are entrepreneurial, so it makes sense that so many summer camps have popped up since the launch of the state’s Mandarin Immersion program seven years ago. It’s nice to see so many summertime learning opportunities for our kids! Here are three more to add to the growing list:
  • In a world of rapid change, the future will be shaped by those who are prepared to interact in a global society. The ability to speak another language, especially Chinese, will be a great asset to your child. Provo, UT-based YanYan believes that your student’s Chinese immersion experience will foster the drive, perspective, and proficiency to make a positive impact in all they do. At YanYan, we are passionate about enabling you and your student with the learning tools to succeed, not only in mastering the language, but in preparing for their future as lifelong learners. Visit our website at
  • Su Mama Chinese Immersion Summer Camp is pleased to announced that our guest storyteller, Chen Ma Ma, will serve for our Chinese Immersion Summer Camp 2015. Amanda Conklin (Su Ma Ma) and Chen Mama will provide a summer camp for students at Wasatch Elementary. They are both native Mandarin Chinese speakers and skilled storytellers (Chen Ma Ma is an award winning storyteller). They will teach groups according to language proficiency. Language events will be based around lots of Chinese story books. Students will be able to learn the skills to ask, ponder, discuss, organize information, and recreate new stories. Thursdays are special event days where we will be doing such things as doing science experiments, using music to learn Chinese, playing Chinese Games and other activities. During summer camp participation children will also be able to learn a play and participate a play with Pen Pal school visitors from Taiwan-JhuCiao Elementary in August.Groups will be taught by 2 teachers and a guest volunteer. Children will be grouped by ability. To register:

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