Awesome opportunity for a DI student from Utah

I received this information yesterday and thought it would be nice to spread the word:

I’m a casting director, doing a big nationwide search for a young Chinese girl 7-11 yrs old who can speak Mandarin (preferably fluently, but as long as she can speak some Mandarin comfortably, that’s what’s most important).  It’s for a Warner Bros. feature film called “Meg”, being directed by Jon Turtletaub, based on the sci-fi novel of the same name.

I was hoping you might be open to distributing this information to the parents of any girls that might fit this description, and if any of them are interested, they can get in touch with me directly.
We’re moving very quickly on this search, so any interested parents will need to email me ASAP.  They need to be available to shoot overseas mid-August through December.  Previous acting experience is ideal, but not required.  They should email me at this email address and send a photo of their daughter, provide date of birth, where they live, and skill level of Mandarin.

I’ve attached the official breakdown release, in case you want additional info.
Thank you, in advance, for helping me get the word out!  I really appreciate it!


Tineka Becker
Casting Director
“Meg” casting | feature film

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