Strong Majority of Provo District 9th Graders Passed AP Chinese Test

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As students this month are vigorously preparing to pass the AP Chinese test, we thought it would be timely to share some good news from the Provo School District. In the spring of 2018, students in six different Utah high schools were 9th grade Chinese immersion students — the first wave of Mandarin immersion students to take the AP Chinese test.

A total of 44 9th grade students at Timpview High School (Provo School District) took the AP Chinese test in the spring of 2018. The results were excellent — 77% of students passed the AP Test — much higher than the national average. These students at Timpview have been fortunate to have amazing teachers and strongly supportive administrators since Elementary School.

These students have clearly demonstrated that success is possible. This program can work – with dedicated teachers and administrators, a strong majority of Mandarin immersion students can pass the AP test in 9th Grade. Deep thanks to all those involved – from elected officials in the state government of Utah, to state, district, and school administrators, and especially the teachers!

3 thoughts on “Strong Majority of Provo District 9th Graders Passed AP Chinese Test

  1. Adrienne Williams

    Is there any way to know what percentage of those students had a Chinese language speaker in their home?

    1. John Hilton III Post author

      I don’t know how we could get that data, but as a parent in the program who knows many of the students and their families, my guess would be somewhere between 0-10%.


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