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Lecture: The beauty of traditional Chinese characters

As parents of Mandarin learners you may have wondered: What’s the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese characters?
WHAT: The Chinese Society of Utah, Taiwan Academy and BYU’s Flagship Center are sponsoring a free lecture on the beauty of traditional Chinese characters
WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: SLCC, Miller Campus (9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070)
WHO: Featuring Dr. Matthew Christensen, BYU professor and Director, Chinese Flagship Center
RSVP: The event is free and open to the public (see attached flier for details) but space is limited, so please RSVP to kirstendstewart@gmail.com

How is language immersion impacting your child?

Jeongwoon (Erin) Kim, a Ph.D. candidate at BYU is asking that very question of parents. I know plenty of us can attest to the changes we see in our kids, the lessons learned beyond just acquiring another language. I distinctly remember one mother saying how the immersion experience taught her son the value of hard work. He’s one of those kids who excels at everything. Having to sweat through something new and challenging is teaching him a valuable life lesson. I’m eager to hear the results of this study – which is IRB-approved. For those of you who don’t know, an Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee designated to approve, monitor and review research on humans to ensure it adheres to certain ethical guidelines.

Participation requires a confidential, in-person interview. Below is more detailed information. If you’re interested in participating, fill out the form below and email it to Erin at, gamjimuih@gmail.com.

Consent to be a Research Subject

This research study is being conducted by Jeongwoon Kim, a Ph.D. student in Instructional Psychology and Technology—Language Acquisition, at Brigham Young University to understand the impact of language immersion program on elementary school children from their parents’ perspective. John Hilton III, a professor of ancient scripture at BYU who has a Ph.D. in education, is a faculty advisor. You were invited to participate because your child(ren) is(are) enrolled in an elementary school language immersion program.


If you agree to participate in this research study, the following will occur:

  • you will be interviewed for approximately thirty minutes to an hour each time about your child(ren) and language immersion.
  • the interview will be audio recorded to ensure accuracy in reporting your statements
  • the interview will take place on BYU campus at a time convenient for you or it will take place at a time and location convenient for you
  • the researcher may contact you later to clarify your interview answers for approximately fifteen (15) minutes.
  • total time commitment will be thirty minutes to two hours.
  • you may be be interviewed once or twice more to accurately capture your perspective.

There are minimal risks for participation in this study. You may feel some discomfort when being audio recorded or talking about personal things. If you feel uncomfortable about answering a particular question, you may choose to decline or excuse yourself from the study.

There will be no direct benefits to you. It is hoped, however, that through your participation researchers may learn about the impact of language immersion in your child(ren)’s life and better them.


The research data will be kept in the researcher’s password-protected computer and only the researcher will have access to the data. At the conclusion of the study, all identifying information will be removed from the researcher’s personal computer and the data will be stored in the researcher’s locked cabinet/office.

There will be no direct compensation for participating in this study.


Participation in this research study is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw at any time or refuse to participate entirely.

Questions about the Research
If you have questions regarding this study, you may contact Jeongwoon Kim at (801)361-1766 or John Hilton III at (801-422-7394 for further information.

Questions about Your Rights as Research Participants
If you have questions regarding your rights as a research participant contact IRB Administrator at (801) 422-1461; A-285 ASB, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602; irb@byu.edu.

Statement of Consent
I have read, understood, and received a copy of the above consent and desire of my own free will to participate in this study.

Name (Printed): Signature Date: