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Another Utah-China connection

Utah has more public school-based Mandarin immersion programs than any other state. We are the hometown of Jon Huntsman, former US Ambassador to China, Utah Governor and presidential candidate (also the father of an adopted Chinese girl).

And now this: Which is the most common country of origin for Utah immigrants, besides Mexico? You guessed it. China, according to this map drawn up by Slate using Homeland Security data.

Host an exchange student from China this summer

A group of Chinese teens, between the ages of 13-15, is coming to Utah to live with American families this summer. Compass USA is looking for families willing to hose one to two children from July 8-21st.

Hosting is fun and a great way to learn about another culture and language, say Compass USA, which sponsors the exchange. Students will be involved in a school program in the Draper area four days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The rest of the time students will join your family in your regular activities meals.

For more information, contact Wendy Hadden at wendy@hadden3.com



Utah deepens bond with China

Here’s a recap of Utah’s recent trade mission to China – as written up by officials at GOED.

Salt Lake City UTAH — Utah’s trade mission to China led by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) had a successful opening on Monday, with multiple presentations, press conferences and business matchmaking meetings in Chengdu, a city located in southwest China with a population of over 14 million. As the trade mission continues throughout this week trade bonds between Utah and China will be strengthened.

The trade mission began with an informative briefing by Consul General Peter Haymond, and Benjamin Wang, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China. Their presentations centered on China’s current economic and political conditions, industry trends, and best practices. Highlighted were two U.S. companies who have already been conducting business in the area for some time and have seen significant growth in the Chengdu market.

Business matchmaking meetings are a key part of this trade mission, where participating Utah companies discuss business opportunities with potential Chinese parnters. Matchmaking meetings help Utah companies’ grow their business in foreign countries, which in turn helps create jobs in Utah as companies export more products or services.

“In Chengdu each of my meetings were very productive,” said David Utrilla, President and Chief Executive, U.S. Translation Company. “My goal for this trade mission was to explore doing business in China, and I am pleased that these companies are interested in establishing a formal working relationship and that this took such a short time to accomplish.”

Representatives from GOED held a tourism press conference and a foreign direct investment presentation on Monday as well to eager Chinese participants.  International investment by Chinese firms is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade. The foreign investment seminar objective was to highlight some current projects and make sure Utah is included in the site selection process as Chinese companies look for opportunities in the U.S.

“Over 30 potential investors attended the foreign direct investment presentation, many of which expressed positive feedback and genuine interest in Utah,” said Brett Heimburger, Asia-Pacific Director, GOED. “Several investors in attendance have recently traveled to Utah to perform due diligence in various investment projects, and I am confident we will see an increase in foreign direct investment in the near future.”

Attendees of the tourism press conference were mesmerized by Utah’s natural landscapes, ease of access to Utah’s recreations areas and the number of national and state parks Utah has to offer.

“I had no idea Utah has such beautiful scenery, I’m very eager to see it with my own eyes,” said General Secretary of Sichuan Chamber of Foreign Oriented Small and Medium Enterprises.

The day culminated with a well-attended reception at which over 175 professionals from business, government, and education communities networked. Present from Utah were State Senators Bramble, Knudson, and Valentine who represented the Utah legislature in meetings with Chinese government officials. Provo Mayor John Curtis was also in attendance and was warmly received as he wowed the attendees by addressing them in Mandarin Chinese.

Utah has one of the largest Mandarin Chinese immersion programs in the country, and many Chinese business leaders were pleased to learn that so many Utahns are learning Mandarin. This development is an indication that Utah not only leads the nation in economic development and job creation, but also is a friendly and welcoming state for international business.

News of the day

Two interesting news items I encountered over the past few weeks:

“How China views the world,” according to Time Magazine (you need to subscribe/pay to read it).

Another dispatch on the benefits of being bilingual. If you’ve signed up your kids for immersion, you probably don’t need convincing. Still, this summarizes some of the latest research in an easy-to-digest way.

Host a student from China

The Center for High School Global Alliances is looking for families in the Murray/Sandy area to host high school age students from China from July 25 – August 8, 2013

Introduction to Hosting a Chinese Student
The Chinese students are coming to practice their English and to learn about American culture. The most effective way for these students to get this experience is by living with an American host family.

What does a host family do?
• Provide a safe, comfortable environment for a student who would live with your family for 15 days while he or
she visits Utah from July 25 – August 8, 2013.
• Provide meals* such as breakfast and dinner with your family most days and all 3 meals during the weekends.
Students will be home during the evening and on the weekends.
• Drop off and pick up students at Murray/Sandy (SLCC Miller Conference Center 9750 S 300 W, Sandy) each week day and make sure they are able to attend any other scheduled activities. During the day, the student will be attending English classes and other activities. You will receive a schedule of the student’s activities should you decide to host.

In general, you will go about your life as usual. The students are here to learn about American culture and to see how real American families live, so you don’t need to make any special changes in your life or schedule. Of course, since the students will only be in Utah for just over two weeks, and for many of them this will be their first time visiting the United States, they will be grateful to you if you plan a few family activities during their stay with you.

How can you become a host family?
1. Contact David Morgan (below) and request an application.
2. Schedule a time for a quick (5-10 minute) in-home visit by a Host Family Coordinator.
3. A Host Family Coordinator will contact you to provide you with more detailed and updated info. Keep an eye out for updated information and official schedules via email. (Occasionally an email may end up in your junk mail.)
4. If you have any questions or need more information contact our Host Family Director:

David Morgan

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve and to be enriched!

*Gas and food reimbursement available upon request.
Center for High School Global Alliances hostfamilies@highschoolalliances.org 1-801-979-9804

$300 million scholarship opportunity for studying in China

From the New York Times:

“HONG KONG — The private-equity tycoon Stephen A. Schwarzman, backed by an array of mostly Western blue-chip companies with interests in China, is creating a $300 million scholarship for study in China that he hopes will rival the Rhodes scholarship in prestige and influence….

The Schwarzman Scholars program will pay all expenses for 200 students each year from around the world for a one-year master’s program at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

The program’s creation underlines the tremendous importance of China and its market to Wall Street financiers and corporate leaders, who have become increasingly anxious as security and economic frictions grow between China and the West,” reports the New York Times.