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A-list parents pay big $ to have kids learn Mandarin

Surprise! Demand for Mandarin language programs is growing, according to Reuters. Some parents don’t have access to public programs and are having to shell out thousands to send their kids to international schools and bilingual summer camps.

If you have deep pockets, you might be interested in the story, which lists some of the multiplying pay-to-play learning opportunities. An excerpt:

“(Reuters) – If famed investor Jim Rogers is known for one trait above all, it is for spotting themes early — and betting on them big. So when the co-founder of The Quantum Fund (with George Soros) and author of “Adventure Capitalist” became a father, he naturally thought of how best to give his daughters an advantage.

His answer: Have them learn Mandarin.

“I am spending a lot of time, money and energy to be sure my kids do it,” Rogers told Reuters.

Indeed. Instead of just hiring a Mandarin-speaking nanny or having his daughters take a language class or two per week, the Rogers family packed up their belongings and moved across the world to Singapore.”

Update on STARTALK

Many Utah parents have asked about the online portion of STARTALK.

Sandy Talbot at USOE reports that it will be available after the classroom STARTALK programs wind down. They should launch online sometime after July 1.

You’ll find it at utahchineseimmersion.org. Talbot said, “We’ll put an announcement on the front page of the website with a link to the STARTALK 2013 pages.”

Chinese summer camps proliferating in Utah

We announced a few weeks back that the University of Utah’s Confucius Institute is organizing a Chinese language summer camp, possibly this year. We will have more details in the next week, or two.

But here’s another opportunity to keep your kids’ Mandarin skills fresh over the long, hot summer months:

Utah’s Chinese Immersion Program director Sandy Talbot won a STARTALK grant this year that will enable school districts to sponsor a summer reading program for kids currently enrolled in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.

School districts will announce details soon. But here’s a sneak peek.

The program will kick off sometime in June with a week-long Mandarin storytelling festival. Enrollment will be limited. But…here’s the good part….teachers will record the books and make the recordings, along with the books, available online for everyone for free.

Stay tuned for more.