Getting the high school portion right

Some perspective from our sister-organization in San Francisco about the K-12 nature of Chinese immersion programs.

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council

Montgomery County has the oldest public Mandarin immersion program in the United States. Most MI programs seem to be converging on having student take and pass the AP Chinese test in high school, which requires a year or two of high-level Chinese in high school. Not allowing kids who’ve been in immersion for nine years already to continue to the end point is a real problem. It’s the kind of issue that tends to come up with school districts don’t get the K – 12 nature of our programs.


Parents say language-immersion students hurt by transfer policy changes

Exemptions sought so they can pursue higher-level studies

By Lindsay A. Powers Staff Writer
 Parents of language-immersion students say they deserve an exemption from proposed changes to the Montgomery County Public Schools’ transfer policy.

The changes, meant to prevent overcrowding at some high schools, would hinder their children’s ability to continue…

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