Utah County Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Summer Immersion Program- My name is Brittney Phelps. I am a former Chinese Immersion teacher, and I am heading up a weekly and flexible summer program to help students improve their language skills, retain what they have already learned, and be so much more prepared for the coming year.

If you live in the Utah County area and you are interested in helping your student keep up his/ her Chinese over the Summer, check out my site at summerimmersion.com

I have spent the last year tutoring many students in Chinese, from the kids who need an extra challenge to those who are struggling to keep up with the other students. Wherever your child falls along that spectrum, our weekly Summer Immersion Program will help your student to be better prepared for the year to come. Don’t let a long summer break lead your kids to forget much of what they have worked so hard to learn!

Our summer program starts this week but feel free to sign up on our website at any time during the summer!

Also, you can like our Facebook page, “Chinese Immersion Summer Program,” to receive tips throughout the summer for helping your child in Chinese.

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